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Been Hard at work on a remake in Unity 5. After many trials and tribulations, we’re preparing to move forward with the next phase of Two Brothers!

Praise for Two Brothers:

With stunning combat and sound design, an amazing soundtrack that complements the world very well, and a story just begging to be explored further, Two Brothers looks to offer a game that plays against one’s expectations of this genre while also providing an intriguing complexity to its world and characters.” – Zack Reese

“Two Brothers is a wonderful retro-inspired game with an interesting concept and solid core gameplay underneath it all so it isn’t just another love letter to the past that offers nothing else but nostalgia.” -Tyler Selig Gamecepticon

“Two Brothers is a game experience like no other. It is styled in classic green-tinted Game Boy fashion, turns death in video games on its head, has a spectacular musical score, and a ton of personality. Two Brothers is an epic quest for color that nobody should pass up. The time that Ackk Studios has put into Two Brothers shows in every facet of the game and is very impressive work for such a small indie developer.” -Justin Hinton Pure Nintendo Magazine

The gameplay has a shockingly high amount of polish given how little money it was made for and the music is honestly some of the best you’ll hear in an indie game. If you enjoy the overhead Zelda games, but wish they were more action-oriented, this seems like an easy recommendation to check out when it’s released in a few weeks.” – JPeeples

Two Brothers is a fantastic nostalgia ride that has me super excited for full release. Between many jokes relating to famous games, and the very neat life/death element, there is no other indie game I am looking forward to more. The story has a great length, the game plays and sounds great, and it even includes many modern game features such as game altering decision making.” -Drmixable

“What amazes me about Two Brothers is not only the feeling of nostalgia but the gameplay, controls, fantastically varied music, and the story reminds you of how modern this title can be. Using the classic black & white of the Game Boy really makes the “color” feel that much for poignant as it “blooms” into the world around you. I’ve just scratched the surface with the demo, but I am looking forward to the release so I can experience what else they have up their sleeves from this full sized “indie” game. Ackk Studios is definitely a group to keep an eye on.” – Jeremy Powers

Two Brothers is an Action Adventure game that features a classic Gameboy aesthetic. – Coming to PC, MAC, Linux, XBOX 360, and WII U.

Roy Guarder, inventor, scientist, and philosopher, is on an expedition to discover the origins of life. This quest has brought him to “The Cursed Lands,” a stretch of land so dangerous and shrouded in mystery that it hasn’t been explored in over 700 years. When Roy finds what he’s looking for, he is met with a terrible fate. Roy no longer finds himself a living man. He is greeted with a world of colors he never believed could have existed! One obsession leads to another and Roy begins to walk the line of life and death – sometimes intentionally ending his own life – just so he can see this land of beauty and color again.

But something is strange: Why is Roy the only man who can cross so easily between the worlds of the living and the dead? What has given him this unique ability? How will he reconcile the existence of an afterlife he never believed could even exist?

▪ Explore a vast non-linear world and story with multiple endings, and deep side quests!

▪ Take the game world from black and white 8bit to full color 16bit!

 What makes Two Brothers unique:

Two Brothers takes a long hard look at death in video games… when the player is killed in combat or triggers a deadly trap, instead of being greeted a familiar GAMEOVER screen, the player finds himself in what we call the “Afterlife Hub”.

This realm of the dead is a colorful and mysterious place where the player can explore, find clues, and interact with characters who have passed on in the games story… sometimes even bringing some of them back from the dead.

When the player wants to return to gameplay, they can jump from the edge of the heavens and get back in to the action and exploration!

This mechanic is vital to the gameplay, as sometimes interacting with the dead is just as important as interacting with the living… this feature often requires the player intentionally ending their session in a game over, just to cross over to the other side.

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